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Eight of the Best Offline GPS Devices for Android

With Android GPS apps you can go almost anywhere. But what happens if you’re in an area without a signal? You stay in the direction of zero. And you don’t always need GPS when you’re driving. With the following offline GPS applications for Android, you’ll know where you are and how to get around, even if your connection fails.

Applications that offer online maps generally have the same features as other GPS applications, such as step-by-step instructions, speed alerts and detailed maps. However, you will not receive real-time notifications because you are offline. The first three applications cover all your needs.

1. Cards: I am highly recommended

Maps.Me offers an excellent combination of standard navigation maps and outdoor entertainment. You will receive full step-by-step instructions while you are completely offline. There are even some interesting places. Quickly find great walking routes by exploring new areas or find a great restaurant in your new city. The cards are optimized to take up less space on your phone, making them well suited for devices with limited memory.

Eight of the Best Offline GPS Devices for Android is the most recommended offline GPS application because it is a perfect combination of standard and offline navigation. The downloadable guides are also a plus. Thanks to the optimized maps, you have enough space to store them on older cameras and to take travel photos.

2. MapFactor Navigator – Suitable for road use

MapFactor Navigator also uses OpenStreetMap data, which is completely free. It also includes free monthly map updates. Offline maps are available for more than 200 countries. There are additional features such as alternative routes and lack of advertising, but these are not necessary. The question is mainly focused on travelling by road versus walking.

MapFactor Navigator is my runner-up. His main focus is driving, which puts him behind Maps.Me. With the support of more than 200 countries, it is a worthy competitor.

3. Polar GPS – best suited for field navigation

Eight of the Best Offline GPS Devices for Android

The Polaris GPS is specially designed for off-road navigation such as boating, hiking and wilderness driving. You do not need a special account or subscription. You won’t find maps for ordinary streets and cities. Instead, you get detailed information about country roads, tourist routes, mountain bike routes, fishing areas, hunting grounds and much more.

If you are looking for an off-road GPS application, the Polaris GPS is the big winner.

4. Navigation and Magic Maps of the Earth – the best for the privacy conscious

Magic Earth Navigation & Maps is one of the most private android GPS applications. The maps are based on OpenStreetMaps and you can download maps for 233 regions and countries. If your device has enough memory, you can even use the application as a dashboard for a camera if you don’t already have one. In the event of an accident, it records the road ahead or safely captures the scene behind the wheel.

5. Osman and

Like everyone else, OsmAnd uses data from OpenStreetMap. When you download the maps, you will receive a complete step-by-step visual guide. The free version is limited to the number of cards that can be downloaded, but a subscription is available. The application also includes maps for walking, cycling and even skiing.

Eight of the Best Offline GPS Devices for Android

It’s worth mentioning that Osmond almost made it to the top of the list. However, it is even lower due to the limited number of free tickets.

6. Autonomous GPS

Offline GPS provides everything you need for navigation in offline mode. It is also one of the most useful applications for Android GPS because it includes a display function. Instead of looking at the phone, the map is projected onto the windscreen to make driving safer. If online features are available, the focus here is on offline availability.

7. Google Maps

Eight of the Best Offline GPS Devices for Android

Google Maps is included in many Android devices by default. You’ll get step-by-step navigation and points of interest in more than 220 countries and areas around the world. Offline maps, however, are a feature of this widely used navigation application. Simply download the map(s) you need to make sure you don’t get lost if your signal suddenly disappears.

8. ICI

ICI mainly focuses on travelling in the city. If you need an internet connection, you can order a taxi, check bus timetables and find other public transport. In order not to get lost while exploring a new city, the application allows you to download maps for more than 100 countries around the world. Once downloaded, the maps work in the same way as the online versions.

Even if you have a signal in many places when you travel, you never know when you might not know. It is always a good idea to have a separate backup of your card in case you need it. If you have a limited plan, you will not be able to view your plan for offline ticket requests, not even during the trip.

Credit for the footage: Wikimedia / Lamachiacosta, Wikimedia / Evgeny Lisovsky

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