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How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

Thanks to the rental of reasonable bandwidth to countries around the world, you no longer have to stand still while the video buffers are running; our internet is now fast enough to watch live streams without a hitch. Unfortunately, watching and chatting on live YouTube feeds is not very intuitive. Let’s see how we can find her and what you can do when you look at her.

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How to watch the live feed on YouTube

To find the live feed, go to the YouTube homepage and look at the left panel. In the More category of YouTube you will find the Live section. Click on it to see all live channels. You can also click on the Games button to see all game feeds in real time.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

When you are on the live page, you will see a video that is categorized in one of the following three categories: Now Live, Memory Reset and X Streaming.

Alive means the food is now in the air. If you click on it, enter the feed at the very last point.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

Sending a reminder means that the feed has to be sent later. You can see the exact date and time in the video description. When you click the Set Reminder button, YouTube will display a warning message in your browser at startup. If you have YouTube on your phone, it will appear there as well.

The reverse X current indicates that the current is complete. If you click on it, you will find the entire video stream as you would see it in a normal video. It’s a good way to compensate for the lack of electricity.

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How to chat on YouTube Live Stream

Now that you’ve found the feed to watch, it’s time to talk about how to chat live on YouTube and have fun.

Some live streams are open to monetization, allowing users to give money to their favorite broadcasters. If you like the banner, you can show your support in two ways: Suture and over-catatting. Note that some sons have one, but the others don’t. The choice of what they want depends on the banners.

Connecting to YouTube feed

First, let’s explain how to connect to electricity. You can find out if you can join the feed by clicking on the Join button next to the Subscribe button. These words have a similar meaning, so let’s see what the difference is.

The subscription is the same as for any other YouTube channel. Videos from this downloader will appear in your subscription feed. You will also see all the feeds they do and the upcoming feeds you want to set reminders for. Once connected, you can click on the call and configure it to notify you of anything. So you will be notified for each feed, whether or not you click the Set Reminder button.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

Registration is done by paying the banderole a monthly fee, usually about $5. When you pay, your name will change in the chat, you will get an icon next to your name to indicate your support and unlock the special smileys the streamer has downloaded. You can also take advantage of special benefits via the banner, which you can view by clicking on the Sign up button and reading the Prepaid Benefits page.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

Please note that you do not have to participate in a feed to view or communicate with it. This is just one way to show your support and get special chat privileges as a reward.

Use of the SuperChat

At the end of the chat you will see a button with a dollar bill. This allows you to use SuperChat, where you can pay a promotion for your message.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

When you activate the SuperChat, you will see a window asking for a message and the amount to be paid. With the cursor you can set the amount you pay at the bottom. The brackets are determined by your national currency, so scroll down to see how much each level costs.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

SuperChat messages are displayed in different colors depending on how much money has been spent on them. The cheapest SuperChat appears in dark blue, the second cheapest in light blue. It goes through green, then yellow, orange, purple and finally SuperChat red for big donors. Red SuperChat messages start at about $100!

Each level of SuperChat has its own attitude and perseverance. The cheapest SuperChat just shows everyone in the chat room what you’ve given away. With the second cheapest (light blue) you can enter a message. The light blue SuperChats can be up to 50 characters long, and they weigh up to 350 characters for the most expensive option.

On level three (green) your message is attached. In this case, your donation will remain at the top of the chat, indicating your avatar and the amount of your donation. People can click on it to see your message. The period in which the donation remains on the balance with what has been paid: two minutes for the green message, up to five hours for the most expensive level.

Withdrawal of message

If you made a mistake in the chat message, or if the cat is walking on the keyboard, move the mouse pointer over the chat message, click three dots to the right and choose Delete. This is an excerpt of your comments on the feed.

How to Watch and Chat YouTube Live Stream

The Live YouTube service is not very intuitive, but it is easy to learn. Now that you know how to watch and communicate live on YouTube, it’s time to make a video and watch it on the big screen.

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