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Install your Slimbook Battery Saver on Ubuntu

Linux desktops are good in many ways, but like Windows they are not known as the most efficient battery. This does not mean that they are worse than other desktop operating systems. But if you want to get the most out of your Ubuntu computer, Slimbook has created a handy battery saver for Ubuntu. We call it the SlimBook battery backup.

For the uninitiated: Slimbook is a hardware manufacturer that sells laptops with Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu. The OEM has developed a battery optimization and energy saving tool for Ubuntu desktop computers. Their main goal was of course to use them for the cars they sell. But under Linux almost everything is there for everyone.

Save battery for Ubuntu Slimbook

The tool is called Slimbook Battery 3, which, as you can guess, is the third updated version. It is also an open source tool. Although Slimbook developed it for its machines, it must work on any device. The only requirement is that your device is running Ubuntu or a derivative operating system. View it now Linux Plesk server management.

There are two main components: an applet based on the system tray displayed in the taskbar. It indicates whether you are using GNOME, KDE plasma or another Linux desktop, provided you have a visible system tray. With this applet you can select the energy/performance status. Allows you to quickly switch from one power mode to another: Energy saving, balance and maximum performance. You also have the option to turn it off completely or even switch to advanced mode.

This is the second part of the Slimbook Battery Saver. Advanced mode simply opens the control panel with, as you would expect, advanced settings. There are seven separate tabs, each with different switches and presets. The Slimbook’s battery settings or advanced mode settings allow you to set and fine-tune three power consumption modes that you can activate.

You can also configure charging behaviour and reporting cycles and view battery information such as manufacturer, type, capacity, etc.


Remember that this tool was not developed by the developers of Linux or Ubuntu. It is essentially a third party tool and does not guarantee a significant increase in battery life for your Ubuntu computer. This should certainly be better than using nothing at all. It can at least automatically disable the device’s unused functions, which should have some effect, especially for people who use it on a laptop.

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Installing the SlimbookBattery Saver

The Slimbook Battery Saver can be installed on Ubuntu with the official Slimbook PPA application. You must first add PPA to the list of software resources on your system. To do this, type this command into the device, and then type your password when prompted.

sudo add-apt repository ppa:slimbook/slimbook

If you are using one of the newer versions of Ubuntu, you can install the Slimbook Battery Saver, but for older versions of Ubuntu you will need to update the software source list first. You can do it with this team.

sudo apt update

To install the Slimbook Battery Saver on Ubuntu, type in the following command

sudo apt installation slimbook battery

When all this is done, you can close the terminal and find the Slimbook Battery Saver in the starter of your application. It’s called the slim-buck battery.

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