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Javascript Confirm Method – Linux Hint


Javascript is probably the most recognized language of the online. Javascript is broadly utilized in front-end improvement in addition to within the back-end. Javascript offers a variety of built-in objects, features, and strategies to assist in internet improvement. On this article, we’re going to be taught one of many javascript’s built-in affirm() methodology, which is used to point out pop-ups over the display screen and get the consumer’s response. The affirm field is a bit totally different if we attempt to evaluate it with the alert field. It’s a pop-up that accommodates a message/textual content with two buttons, “OK” and “Cancel”. The consumer gained’t have the ability to do any activity whereas a affirm field is over the display screen, and he/she clicks the “OK” or “Cancel” button. That is the explanation behind not recommending it’s usually used. So, let’s take a look at what’s a affirm field and what are the other ways to make use of it.

The affirm() is mainly a technique, which is used to point out a pop-up field over the online web page, and it accommodates a message or textual content and two buttons, “OK” & “Cancel”. On the press of the “OK” button, the affirm methodology returns “true”. Equally, on the press of the “Cancel” button, it returns false.


There are two totally different syntaxes for displaying the affirm field. One in every of them is utilizing the window’s object

However, we are able to use the affirm() methodology with out the window’s object as nicely.

On this syntax, the message will be any string or a variable that may embrace a message.
So, let’s strive each of the syntaxes.


First, let’s strive with the window’s object

window.affirm(“Verify message from Linuxhint”);

And now with out window’s object

affirm(“Verify message from Linuxhint”);

You’ll witness that there isn’t a distinction in each of them.
Javascript Confirm Method – Linux Hint

The affirm methodology doesn’t solely take the string to point out the message. We will present variable as nicely, and it labored completely nice.

var confirmMessage = Verify Message utilizing variable’;

As you may see within the screenshot beneath that the message is displayed.
Javascript Confirm Method – Linux Hint

We now have discovered about offering a variable as nicely. What if we need to present the pop-up alert field on the display screen on the click on of a button. For instance, now we have received some info from the consumer, and after efficiently saving the consumer’s information on the server, we need to present a affirmation message that “Confirmed”. So, we are able to merely present a affirmation field like this.

Javascript Confirm Method – Linux Hint

Or if we’re getting a affirmation message from the server, and we need to present the message on the bottom of the message we received. We will name the operate on the button’s onClick methodology.

And later within the script, we are able to write the operate wherein we are able to present the affirmation message.

operate confirmFunc()

Javascript Confirm Method – Linux Hint

So, these are among the totally different strategies of utilizing the affirm() methodology.


On this article, now we have discovered concerning the javascript’s built-in affirm methodology to point out pop-up over the browser’s window. This text has defined using the affirm methodology in a very simple, profound, and efficient means that any newbie can perceive it and use it. So, carry on studying, working, and getting expertise in javascript with to have a greater grasp over it. Thanks a lot.

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